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You feel concerned and challenged by the issue of gender equity at the highest decision-making levels? You would like to share the knowledge and expertise stemming from your experience to successful women, who could benefit from your guidance to progress professionally? Get involved with Women in Governance!

The exceptional mentors of our executive program are CEOs or hold Executive Vice-Presidents and/or Board Chairperson positions.

The mentors of our professional program are rather at the Vice-President or Senior Director level, and/or sit on major Boards.

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Please note that this service is exclusive to organizations enrolled in our Parity Certification™.

A few benefits:

  • recognition as an expert in your field;
  • feeling valued by sharing your knowledge and expertise;
  • play an active role in closing the gender gap and boosting the career of high-potential women;
  • privileged opportunity to access to the aspirations and/or concerns of the next generation of leading women, and to refine your own management accordingly;
  • higher credibility as a leader mindful of diversity and inclusion;
  • and so much more!

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