About our mentoring offer

Programs for executive and professional women offered only to organizations enrolled in our Parity Certification™

Women in Governance advocates for the personal development and professional advancement of women through concrete actions such as a rigorous mentoring program, launched in 2015, with tailor-made pairings spanning 12 months.

Originally offered to executive women only, it has expanded and is now offered to ambitious women at all professional levels, always aiming to accelerate their progression and better equip them for the next stage of their career.

Our entire process had to be adapted to virtual tools during the 2020-2021 sanitary restrictions; since then, our programs are available across Canada and internationally! Our services are now accessible to all women, from all industries, all over the world.

Each program includes:

  • access to a community of dedicated mentors including some of the country’s top CEOs and Executives, and prestigious Boards’ Chairs and Members;
  • a tailor-made mentee/mentor pairing, for 12 months
  • coaching, tools and resources for a sucessful mentoring relationship;
  • exclusive networking opportunities;
  • and so much more!

An approach based on reflective thinking

In line with our commitment to excellence, our mentoring programs were carefully curated with a strategic committee comprised of  leaders and respected professionals with extensive experience in human resources, recruitment, coaching and/or industrial psychology. The approach we promote is based on their counsel and applies current best practices for a successful mentoring relationship.

The mentee is coached and empowered to steer the mentee/mentor relationship, take responsability for the personal and profesionnal development goals she has set for herself, and ultimately succeed and blossom in her career.

In return, instead of sharing his·her experience from the outset and giving ready-made solutions, the mentor learns how to ask the right questions so the mentee can further reflect on issues, build her confidence, renew her motivation, and reach her own conclusions.

Mentoring is a proven catalyst for empowerment. Research consistently shows that professionals who engage in mentoring relationships exhibit higher levels of success and job satisfaction. These relationships are especially crucial for advancing women in the workplace, helping to break barriers and pave the way for leadership roles.

Our Pricing

Mentoring Program for Professionals

The program is continuously open for enrollment, it is possible to start at any time!

Price: CAD $1,250

Mentoring Program for Executives

The program counts two cohorts per year : the first one starting in mid-April, the second in mid-September.

Price: CAD $1,950

These rates do not include taxes and apply to Canadian mentees only. For American mentees, the prices are in U.S. dollars.

Exclusive service for organizations enrolled in our Parity Certification™.

Contact us if you are based in another country or for any other question:

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