Rotating dinner with the head hunters on February 27, 2018 at the Club St–James

Past Event

Make your career a priority in 2018. Do you aspire to serve on boards or executive positions? You want to make sure you have everything you need in terms of experience, education, networking, etc. to get there ? It is planned in advance.We would like to help you think about your career – what you have accomplished and the goals you would like to achieve in the future. These reflections are always more relevant when they are guided by a professional.

At the end of this event, your opinion about the choices you have made or would like to make professionally is simply confirmed. You may also need to consider your career from new angles that you have not thought of before!Join us for personalized advice from leading experts in the field to plan your career strategy. Whether you aspire to an in-house promotion or wish to apply externally, this event is a must for your professional future.Ask your questions to the real professionals. We will have associates from the most important Montreal headhunters available to discuss with you. You will have the opportunity to dine with a minimum of 3 at a rotating dinner that will take you to take your starter, dish and dessert at 3 different tables at the prestigious Club St-James. High level networking awaits you…

Event open to men and women because we are stronger when we move together!

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27 février 2018 - Souper tournant avec les chasseurs de têtes au Club St-James