Keynote Speaker: Margareth Henriquez, CEO KRUG Champagne (LVMH, Paris)

Past Event

Margareth (Maggie) Henriquez, a strong and sparkling woman at the head of the Krug champagne, boldly perpetuates the pioneering and creative spirit of a LVMH House of Excellence. A Harvard University trained engineer, this Venezuelan living in Paris inspires us through heratypical career path and her ability to face adversity and succeed. Woman of strength and character, she is also warm and bewitching in her way of telling her story. Maggie chaired Seagram in Venezuela despite the ebbs and flows of the market, then Nabisco in Mexico and Moët Hennessy in Argentina. It was in 2009 that she took over the presidency of Krug in Paris. Krug was losing momentum and Maggie, through her vision and hard work, managed to turn the business around brilliantly! Caroline Codsi, Founder of Women in Governance and her committee had the great pleasure of organizing this interview with Maggie on April 7, 2016.

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