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Medias Press May 24, 2022

Companies leading the way towards gender parity in corporate Canada 

Women in Governance (WiG) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010,  that supports women in their leadership development, career advancement and access to Board seats. In addition to hosting major events, and providing governance training and mentoring programs, WiG works with a growing number of companies –  including some of the largest companies in Canada – to help close the gender gap in the workplace through its Parity Certification Program. 

Supported by Accenture, Mercer, and WTW, the program evaluates companies’ gender parity commitments and guides them on their steps toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring organizations create a sustainable pipeline of female talent.

WiG also recognizes organizations that are leading the way in achieving gender parity.  Certified organizations are awarded bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification based on approximately seventy-five quantitative and qualitative criteria. Organizations can progressively move to higher levels of certification, while those that have not qualified will obtain recommendations that support their efforts to qualify for certification in the future.

TSX-Listed Companies with WiG Parity Certification

Platinum Certification:

1) TSX:BCE BCE Inc. | Bell

2) TSX:IFC Intact Financial Corporation

3) TSX:NA National Bank of Canada

4) TSX:SLF Sun Life Financial

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certification:

1) TSX:AC Air Canada

2) TSX:ALYA Alithya Group inc

3) TSX:BBD Bombardier


5) TSX:CAR.UN Canadian Apartment Properties REIT

6) TSX:CAS Cascades

7) TSX:GIL Gildan

8) TSX:T Telus

9) TSX:X TMX Group

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