Gender Parity Forum

Past Event

Women in Governance (WiG) wishes to invite you to our Gender Parity Forum, taking place on September 29th at 12 pm EST.

Our new virtual format is designed to maximize knowledge sharing and interaction, as well as address concepts such as intersectionality and corporate citizenship. This forum will be a workshop where participants will share concrete actions that certified organizations have taken to close the gender parity gap in their workplace and participants will learn how to address the barriers organizations have confronted in their efforts to progress and sustain this transformation in their workplaces. Through extensive research, WiG continues to identify the drivers attributed to the advancement of gender parity and inclusion throughout all levels of an organization. We will explore these drivers in this workshop to help organizations to take the results of their Parity Certification and bring about meaningful change.

When you sign up for the WiG Gender Parity Forum, we will contact you to gain insights on your areas of focus so we can assign you to the appropriate break-out rooms in the workshop. We look forward to your participation!

About our parity certification program

Women in Governance (WiG) is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 to support women in their leadership development, career advancement and access to Board seats. The organization fulfills its mission through advocacy, major events, governance training, and mentoring programs, as well as the first North American Parity Certification. Created in 2017 with the pro bono support of McKinsey & Company, this valuable tool helps organizations assess what their current status is as it relates to gender parity, diversity, and inclusion. With the support of Accenture, Mercer, and Willis Towers Watson, WiG provides a comprehensive analysis of strengths and opportunities to close the gender gap and become a more inclusive workplace, giving particular attention to intersectionality. So far, the Parity Certification has directly impacted close to 700,000 employees across Canada and the United States, and the program is now about to expand over the Atlantic. Visit our Parity Certification microsite to learn more!